Absolute Precision in Steel and Aluminum Fabrication

Viking Tool & Gage Facility in Conneaut Lake, PA

Viking Tool & Gage, Inc. is one of the largest metal fabricators in western PA. Aluminum extrusion fabrication is our specialty and we process millions of pounds of it annually. If you have a need for processes such as forgings, castings, extrusions, stampings, sheet metal fabrications and any other type of raw material form we are your vendor. Additional services such as welding, anodizing, powder coating and assembly are offered by Viking as well. We offer years of experience in many processes including sawing, punching, drilling, CNC machining, stamping, vibratory deburr and much more. Our engineering staff, and tool and die department, specializes in building tools, dies, gages and fixtures and can help you take your idea from prototype to production.

Viking Tool & Gage is proud to be a certified to IATF 16949. Contact us today. We would be happy to quote or discuss your needs personally, via telephone or e-mail. With over forty years of experience, and a quality team of people, we can provide superior service and a quality product for you and your company.